Trevor Quan

Senior Research & Policy Analyst

Trevor Quan is a Senior Research & Policy Analyst at the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC). Trevor has worked for over a decade in the technology and innovation sector with a focus on public policy development. He has authored numerous reports that examine the intersection of government strategy and the development of technology clusters.

Trevor has presented at provincial and national conferences on topics such as government strategy, AI ethics, education technology, labour market impacts, and the gig economy. He is particularly interested in the areas of algorithmic bias, economic inequality, and the impacts of digital technology on personal privacy.

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17 August 2023 · Trevor Quan, Todd Legere, Heather McGeer, Justin Ratcliffe

Creative Technology

Ontario's Next Gen Industry

Addressing Labour Demand and Growth in the Creative Technology Sector

April 19, 2023 · Alexandra Cutean, Trevor Quan, Justin Ratcliffe, Todd Legere

Creative Technology

Levelling Up

Growth Strategy for BC's Creative Technology Talent Pipeline

April 19, 2023 · Alexandra Cutean, Mairead Matthews, Trevor Quan, Todd Legere


Educational Technology Procurement Policy and Practice in Canada

March 2, 2023 · Mairead Matthews, Faun Rice, Trevor Quan


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