Paul Stastny

Communications Officer

Paul Stastny is a Communications Officer at the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC). Paul brings a journalism background to ICTC. For more than a decade, he worked as staff writer for a Calgary-based energy publisher, covering various aspects of the Canadian energy industry, its industry leaders, the rise of shale gas/oil, the oilsands, Indigenous issues, new technologies, and the business implications of climate change. That work took him across Canada and to Colombia. As a freelance writer prior to that, he wrote and edited content for corporate clients, speciality interest magazines, and national newspapers. He leverages this experience to help ICTC produce compelling reports that reach a wider audience while supporting ICTC’s corporate communications objectives.

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16 February 2022 · Paul Stastny


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January 14, 2021 · Paul Stastny


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