Maryna Ivus

Manager, Labour Market Research

Maryna Ivus is the Manager of Labour Market Research at the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC). She has spent several years working as a researcher and enjoys approaching complex research challenges through both a qualitative and quantitative lens. She is committed to using her research to help strengthen Canada’s digital advantage in a global inclusive economy. Maryna was involved in researching and writing a number of reports for ICTC, covering topics like the impact of emerging technologies on the labour market, the engagement of women in tech occupations, digital economy trends and many others.

Motivated by the potential benefits technology can offer to society, and concerns of fairness, accountability and inclusivity, she seeks to continue to contribute to critical conversations surrounding the development of Canada’s growing digital economy. Maryna holds a Masters of Economics degree from the University of New Brunswick.

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A World-class Canadian E-learning Paradigm

10 December 2021 · Maryna Ivus, Alexandra Cutean, Trevor Quan


An Apple’s Story

November 8, 2021 · Maryna Ivus


Sowing the Seeds for Tomorrow

November 3, 2021 · Maryna Ivus, Nathan Snider, Mairead Matthews, Maya Watson

Outlook Report

Onwards and Upwards

Digital Talent Outlook 2025

August 27, 2021 · Maryna Ivus, Akshay Kotak


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