We produce and publish trusted research and impactful publications on the digital economy.

Inform your decision-making on emerging technology, the future of work, skill development, and training. Keep up-to-date on emerging technologies in your sector:

  • Define opportunities for emerging technologies
  • Understand labour supply gaps
  • Evaluate educational and professional programming
  • Identify new markets and foreign direct investment opportunities
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Policy Development

Evidence-based policy recommendations are critical to cultivating a thriving ecosystem.

We craft effective policy recommendations, grounded in research, to help shape your technology ecosystem. To inform your descion-making, we provide the following:

  • Secure fresh perspectives on modern-day policy challenges
  • Collect evidence-based policy recommendations from neutral third-parties
  • Supplement your existing organizational capacity with reliable policy services
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Data Analytics

Leverage our rigorous data analytics enhanced by powerful data visualizations.

Our data team is ready to source the behind-the-scenes data and its implications for your program or service. Our data visualizations allow you to tell a story to your network and community, to help you:

  • Track economic trends
  • Map unique regional attributes
  • Deliver labour market insights
  • Define job-specific skill needs
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Community Engagement

We host regular community-focused events to supplement and strengthen our work.

If you are looking to engage in community leadership and cross-industry collaboration throughout the digital economy, we can organize forums, engagement sessions, and research-oriented workshops. Online and in-person facilitation is a core expertise:

  • Gather grassroots community feedback
  • Bring together private and public stakeholders
  • Inform future project deliverables with community buy-in
  • Explore ecosystem needs and opportunities
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Web Tools

ICTC is creating new ways for you to engage with our research.

To further advance the digital economy, we are launching interactive community engagement tools to showcase key data and to communicate with stakeholders. An ICTC web tool could help you with the following:

  • Leverage skill mapping capabilities to recommend effective up-skilling
  • Showcase job markets that require specific skills
  • Display your city's unique economic opportunities to the world
  • Provide stakeholders interactive engagement opportunities
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Looking for comprehensive insights on the digital economy?

Connect with our multidisciplinary team. Collectively, we bring decades of experience in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors, including academic expertise. 

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